Our Goals 6-2016

Humanity faces major problems on a global scale. Consumption and waste is depleting natural resources, threatening whole ecosystems, and affecting global climate change. Our economic system focuses on profit to the detriment of people and the planet. Social isolation and alienation are endemic. Most people are unaware of the extent of this issues or how they interrelate. Not only does society need more information on this issues, it needs models for how people can live that are ecologically sustainable, economically just, and socially satisfying.

The goals of the Ecovillage Education Institute are to educate the public on these issues through it’s own educational activities but also by supporting the development of communities that are working to educate and demonstrate alternatives. The goal of these communities are to be full ­featured settlements that incorporate all aspects of life, residential, economic, recreational, etc. in such a way that people can see what a satisfying life looks like that also ensures a healthy and happy future for all people and the planet.

We will educate the public on these issues by organizing and hosting workshops, seminars, presentations, and similar activities. We will support the formation of sustainable communities by helping to develop facilities for education and organizing. We will assist in the research and development of options for the sustainable development of communities, including such issues as energy generation, waste­ water treatment, food production, building techniques, landscape architecture. We will also provide support in the development and implementation of cooperation organizing structures and principles, conflict resolution, and training in cooperative decision­ making models.

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